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About SAWeco

biodegradable plastic technology

SAWeco builds its reputation through the years by being resourceful in the plastic industry and we work with  technology developers and manufacturers to offer products that are better for the enviroment and future generation. 

We advocate REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE of plastics use in your market and business. Banning plastics or charging customer for plastic packaging may not be enough to curb pollution and control build up of plastic waste. Eco- friendly options such as biodegradability adds value to the campaign by completely remove plastic in waste streams, and reduce plastic buildup in landfills and environment. 

SAWeco offers a unique biodegradable additive of 100% active ingredient - when placed into polymers (PE,PP,PS BOPP,PET) rapidly enhances the ability for plastic to biodegrade in anaerobic and aerobic environments. Our technology is proven effective abiding to ASTM, ISO, EPA standards and  EU directives  read more..


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