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SAWeco partners with BioSphere to offer an affordable solution to manufacturing environmentally friendly products.


Through years of research and development BioSphere has created some of the highest quality biodegradable plastic additives while maintaining affordability regardless of size of industry or product you may create.


They have developed ingredients that allow for degradation not only on the surface of plastic, but also in the interior of the plastic product. The additive allows microbes to consume the C-C bonds within the plastic structures at a macromolecular level which results in the consumption of the bonds. This creates greater surface area on the plastic product, allowing plastophilic microbes to attach themselves within the “caves” of the polymer, rather than only on the surface. Biosphere competitors’ products work by only dissolving the external plastic product.


Biosphere biodegradable additives enhance the biodegradability of plastic by increasing the amount of hydophalicity of plastic product. The current structure of plastic is hydrophobic and allows for only a small amount of biodegradation to occur over a very long period of time. The additive allows the acids which microbes produce to create faster biodegradability of the plastic, which in turn allows for the

softening of certain properties of the macromolecules in plastic.


Biosphere's 100% active ingredient additives have no carrier resins and are nothing like other biodegradable additives

or oxo-degradable additives in the market which only offer a one-dimensional approach.

They have gained understanding of some problems that can occur when processing additives and have developed own

system accordingly so that their product is simple to use and cost effcetive.


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Biodegradable Additive
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