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Food Contact Safe

Microwavable and Recyclable

Infinite shelf and service life.

It can be used, reusable and recycled.

Safe for the enviroment

Biodegradable in landfill and composting enviironment

Biodegradable PP 1000 ml Food Container

SKU: FC-500-1PP
  • Biodegradable PP 1000 ml Food Container

    PP cover and base

    Mrowavable and Recylable

    225 pieces per carton

    Comes in 0.80 mm and 1.00 mm thickness of PP base

    Dimensions: 120 X 180 X 70 mm

    Minimum order quantity (MOQ) required.

    We are currently producing new stock and not taking orders on the website thus "OUT OF STOCK" default message.

    For orders and enquiries, please email for more info

  • Please send email to for order.

    It takes 1-2 weeks for production in Asia after payment

    Depend on destination, shipping will take 4-5 weeks

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