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Tiny amount of additive is added during  manufacture of plastic packaging


Additives work in most polymer PE, PP,PS, PET, BOPP


Flexible and Rigid

Additive makes polymer molecules more hydrophilic.


Treated plastic packaging maintains similar physical properties as the untreated packaging original plastic

Treated plastic packaging gets used, reused and recycled as per original plastic  until it gets disposed

When treated packaging ends up in landfill, the plastic will anaerobically and aerobically biodegrade into

Biomass, CO2, CH4 &  H2O.


This as result of the polymer being hydrophilic, it is able to be attacked by microorganism  in presence of moisture during the process of biodegradation 

Our biodegradable additive technology can be used in most resin types (PE, PP, PS, PET, BOPP, APET and more) and not limited to the product packaging in this page. To make things simple, there are basically only 2 types of additive to choose from. They come in pellet and liquid forms depending on application and processing preferences. At very low dosage and competitively priced, they are cost effective and very simple to use and manage. 
Our additive being 100% active ingredient with no carrier resin is unique in the market. 
Highly effective in biodegradation verified using various ASTM test  methods (e.g.ASTM 5511, ASTM 5526).  Food safe abiding to FDA 
requirements , comply to enviromental EPA standards and EU directives.

Our biodegradable additive technology is proven better than competing

technologies in terms of required effectiveness in landfill biodegradation, 

recyclability and proven stability in storage and service life of treated 

products without fear of premature degradation.

Following are more benefits of our technology:
  • Biodegradable additive

    • not require change in production or processing conditions

    • simple to use with no varying addition rate


  • Products treated with our additive

    • retain similar properties of non-treated application

    • food safe and compatible in recycling stream

    • highly stable, not require special storage

    • not degrade after manufacture

    • not degrade due to heat, light, moisture and mechanical stress 

    • not turn into fragments during degradation

    • biodegrade only in high microbial activities in waste sites such as landfill & compost 

If you are a manufacturer and would like to start with a trial production using our additive, please send us a request for additive or simply call us at 1-647-8901644. You can Skype us at SAWECO.COMPANY
We will promptly deliver free sample to your location.
If you wish to create plastic applications for your business, we work with specific manufacturers or your existing manufacturer that can help you produce the applications in-line with your mission for a better enviroment. 
Contact us at 1-6478901644 or for these eco friendly plastic products.
Stop allowing these plastic packaging accumulate in the environment as neglected wastes.
Act NOW and be part of the real Solution.

PE and PP food and non-food bags

Single-use checkout bags, bread bags, t-shirt bags, garbage bags and other product packaging can be a menace to the environment when littered and not collected. We suggest eco-friendly plastics applications using recycled resins and biodegradable technology. The technology helps to safely remove plastics from the environment after disposal.

Water and Beverage Bottles

PET beverage bottles can now be both recyclable and BIODEGRADABLE with the addition of our biodegradable plastic technology additives. This will help reduce plastic bottle pollution and buildups in landfills. The additive encourages the bottles to biodegrade at a greatly enhanced rate.


PE, PP, PS, BOPP & PET food packaging

PS foam for food, PET fruit packs and BOPP flower wraps treated using our additive technology will have an enhanced rate of biodegradability upon disposal. They are stable, food safe and recyclable.


Supplies and Merchandise packaging

Bubble films and Poly foams are widely used in product packaging by manufacturers, movers and freight forwarders. They are often single used and discarded. We propose use of eco friendly biodegradable materials that are recyclable and will self destruct via biodegradation at end of its useful life when disposed.

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